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Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Thu Jan 4 00:34:47 EST 2018

Dear collaborators, 

CLAS12 shifts will resume soon. Make sure you have all required training before you come to you first shift 
Here is an excerpt from our COO document: 

Shift Personnel Training 

All personnel on shift are required to have successfully completed and be current in the following JLab safety training: 

    * EH&S Orientation (SAF 100) 
    * Radiation Worker Training (SAF 801) 
    * Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Training (SAF 103) 
    * Hall B Safety Awareness Walk-Through (SAF111 ) 

All experiment personnel are required to have radiation badges in their possession during their shifts. The Safety Awareness Walk-Through will emphasize hazards that are typical of normal Hall operations. Hazards peculiar to the current experimental setup are addressed in the appendices of this document. In addition, all shift personnel will be trained in the safety procedures to be followed for access to the Hall. This training will include a brief discussion of the purpose and operation of the Personnel Safety System (PSS) for the Hall. 

You also must read following documents: 

    * Conduct of Operations (COO) 
    * Experiment Safety Assessment Document (ESAD) 
    * Radiation Safety Analysis Document (RSAD) 
    * Hall-B Emergency Response Guidelines (ERG) 
All these documents are available here: https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/run-web/ 
There is Yellow binder with these documents in the counting house. You should acknowledge that you have read and understood them by signing signature list in this binder. 

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