[Hallb] preparedness for shifts

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Mon Jan 22 08:43:01 EST 2018

Dear Collaborators, 

We are sailing smoothly through the Engineering run. 
Just a few reminders for shift personnel. 

To ensure smooth operation and transitions between shifts come to your shift prepared. 
This must be done before you come to your shift and includes: 

    * Have all required safety training up to date 
    * Read and understand COO, ESAD, RSAD and ERG documents They are all posted on the web https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/run-web/. Acknowledge this by signing signature list in the Yellow binder in the counting room. This binder has hard copies of all these documents. 
    * Read and understand operation manuals and procedures for various CLAS12 subsystems. They are posted on run wiki https://wiki.jlab.org/clas12-run/index.php/Engineering_Run 
    * Read and understand Run Plan posted on the run wiki https://wiki.jlab.org/clas12-run/index.php/Engineering_Run#tab=Short_Term_Schedule 
    * Read logbook entries for at least 24 preceding hours to get familiar with ongoing activity, possible problems and solutions. 

Come to your first shift well in advance, at least a half an hour before your shifts begins. This especially important for those of you who had not had shifts for a long time. We are all learning how to operate new CLAS12. You previous experience counts but CLAS12 is different. 

Good luck and see you in the counting house. 


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