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Dear RCs and CLAS shifters,

As outlined below, we need to refrain from scheduling tasks with MCC OPS during shift turnover periods. MCC operators change shifts at 8 am, 4 pm, and 12 am (similar to our shift expert schedule. Please make sure to organize shift work in a way that there will not be need for a major work for OPS around these times, perhaps 30 min before and 30 min after.

Thanks, Stepan

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Subject: Performance of tasks during turnover time
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We need to refrain from scheduling tasks during Operator turnover periods. 8:00 am, 4:00 pm and 12:00 am + at least 15 minutes, in particular the 8:00 am time. At these times both the oncoming and off going Operators are busy exchanging passdown information. In the past one Operator could continue to handle the accelerator's needs while the other did passdown. This tended to work as they were all together in close quarters. They could all hear each other, all contribute to the conversation and see what was occurring. Now under COVID operations with occupancy and proximity restrictions, passdown occurs remotely via speakerphone which limits the ability to easily converse as a group as we previously were able to. After the verbal passdown there is the Dance of the Operators as they physically swap out while staying within the occupancy requirements of the control room, sanitizing work stations before leaving and when oncoming, and staying 6' away from each other. This all takes additional time, requires more attention to be part of the conversation and makes it very busy in the Control Room.

Now we throw in setting up the accelerator for what ever the tasking is, taking multiple halls down for Controlled Access (because if the accelerator is going down, they all are going to want to go in as soon as possible). Once down we now have to individually process people in and out for those accesses because due to COVID distancing requirements they need to be processed one at a time. Throw all that together at the same time with trying to perform a more complex turn over and we are just asking for something to get missed.

Instead of beginning these tasks with a crew who have been here for 8 hours overnight, and having to transition the task to the oncoming crew. I'm asking we wait until at least 8:30 to allow the fresh oncoming Day shift to settle in and be ready and able to devote all of their attention to the oncoming task.


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