[Hallb] [EXTERNAL] CLAS12 Shifts Schedule

Bryan McKinnon Bryan.McKinnon at glasgow.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 15:48:25 EDT 2022

Dear all

The shifts schedule for the upcoming tun has been published and can be viewed here:

https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/ <https://www.jlab.org/Hall-B/shifts/>

The schedule has been generated from 8 June 2022 through to 14 March 2023 with the holiday break accounted for.

The allocation takes account of an institutes number of members and translates this to number of shifts. Rounding (up or down) does happen in order that every institute gets at least some allocation. There are other elasticities built-in such that the algorithm works.

I have done my best to accommodate requests based on the replies sent to Silvia’s survey of the IRs. I can not guarantee you will all be satisfied, it is impossible to satisfy a multitude of requests especially when they are not mutually exclusive, but the swaps and trade features allow you to sort your allocation in to a form you are happy with. Please also remember that a third option exists: ask a fellow collaborator nicely for a favour.

The swap periods are defined as follows:

Foreign: now until Tuesday 24 May
Domestic: Wednesday 25 May - Tuesday 7 June

Trades (bilateral agreements between institutes): are always open to all for all time. Please remember that it is most appropriate, and especially important this time, to request Trades within the same category (Expert for Expert, Worker for Worker).

Shifts sign-up is now open but if there is a possibility that your shifts may be part of a swap, it is better to wait before making any assignments.

If you have any issues with the interface, please do not hesitate to contact me mckinnon at jlab.org <mailto:mckinnon at jlab.org>

If you have any issues filling your allocation, please contact me mckinnon at jlab.org <mailto:mckinnon at jlab.org> and the PDL Eugune psyuk at jlab.org <mailto:psyuk at jlab.org>

Finally, apologies for the delay. Shiftbotting has not been trivial recently. Fingers crossed that after RG-C, allocations will be more straight forward and published in a more timely manner.



Dr. Bryan McKinnon

Nuclear and Hadron Physics Research
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
Scotland UK

Tel: (+44/0) 141-330-7226

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