[Hallb] important remote shifts reminders

Nathan Baltzell baltzell at jlab.org
Mon Oct 23 19:25:59 EDT 2023

Dear All,

While remote worker shifts are so far still allowed, it is very important to satisfy the following:

* Well in advance of your shift, inform the PDL that you would like to take remote worker shifts and specify the motivation and dates.  Note that in-person, local shifts are strongly encouraged.

* Well in advance of your shift, you must be very comfortable with the technical services required during shift, including JLab's 2-factor authentication and the various web services provided by the lab, e.g. the logbook and Hall B's shift schedules.  Improper use, even accidental, such as repeated incorrect passwords in a short period of time, expired passwords cached in your local computer, robotic crawling of JLab web sites, etc, can result in automatic security restrictions on your JLab account or IP address that can prevent you from having the necessary connections during shift.

And, finally, maybe most importantly:

***** It is very important that the 2-person shift crew maintain regular contact with each other during their entire shift.  For remote shifts this is extra critical and means video and audio connections in the zoom meeting must be maintained.  Many minutes, much less hours, without any possibility for audio/video communication is unacceptable and jeopardizes the safe running of the experiment. *****

Nathan - PDL

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