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Susan Schadmand s.schadmand at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 16:07:06 EDT 2023

Hi Bill,

I can imagine that this is a consideration in the collaboration. 
However, I thought this here is not a discussion about whether we should 
have remote shifts at all.

Either way, you might want to rethink an in-person only rule for cases 
when we cannot find a local shift worker to cover the shift in case of 
emergency. This has happened twice, recently.


On 24.10.23 15:56, Bill Briscoe wrote:
> Hi Susan,
> If it were up to me I would do away with remote shifts.
> BB
> William J. Briscoe, Professor Emeritus
> Department of Physics
> The George Washington University
> Director Emeritus, GW Institute for Nuclear Studies (GWINS)
> Director, Data Analysis Center (DAC)
> 202-994-6788 (Foggy Bottom Campus)
> 571-553-8340 <tel:571-553-8340> (Virginia Science and Technology Campus)
> On Tue, Oct 24, 2023 at 3:51 PM Susan Schadmand via Hallb 
> <hallb at jlab.org> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     may I have some input here, kind of a reality check, based on
>     first hand
>     experience on both sides of the Atlantic.
>     *** The in person shift crew should have the number of the JLab
>     after-hour computer help desk ready!
>     It happens to the best of us to get the computer IP number blocked.
>     Changing the IP number solves the problem but we cannot always do
>     that
>     easily, eg when in the office at the home institute. Basically,
>     you need
>     the help desk to get your token reactivated.
>     *** Hall B would need to get decent a/v equipment for the counting
>     room!
>     As remote shift person, one cannot hear a thing said in the counting
>     room unless it is yelled into the microphone viz at the little
>     camera.
>     Preferably speak like a news anchor but please not as fast.
>     There are conversations in the counting room that are important
>     for the
>     experiment but they cannot be heard nor seen by the remote shift.
>     Some
>     in person shifts even ignore the remote shift altogether even if both
>     cameras are on.
>     *** Remote shifts are not for beginners!
>     A solution could be to do the first remote shift with an experienced
>     local person by their side. If the remote shift has never been in the
>     counting house or even at any experiment anywhere then all
>     instructions
>     are too abstract.
>     Thanks & regards,
>     Su.
>     On 23.10.23 19:25, Nathan Baltzell via Hallb wrote:
>     > Dear All,
>     >
>     > While remote worker shifts are so far still allowed, it is very
>     important to satisfy the following:
>     >
>     > * Well in advance of your shift, inform the PDL that you would
>     like to take remote worker shifts and specify the motivation and
>     dates.  Note that in-person, local shifts are strongly encouraged.
>     >
>     > * Well in advance of your shift, you must be very comfortable
>     with the technical services required during shift, including
>     JLab's 2-factor authentication and the various web services
>     provided by the lab, e.g. the logbook and Hall B's shift
>     schedules.  Improper use, even accidental, such as repeated
>     incorrect passwords in a short period of time, expired passwords
>     cached in your local computer, robotic crawling of JLab web sites,
>     etc, can result in automatic security restrictions on your JLab
>     account or IP address that can prevent you from having the
>     necessary connections during shift.
>     >
>     > And, finally, maybe most importantly:
>     >
>     > ***** It is very important that the 2-person shift crew maintain
>     regular contact with each other during their entire shift.  For
>     remote shifts this is extra critical and means video and audio
>     connections in the zoom meeting must be maintained.  Many minutes,
>     much less hours, without any possibility for audio/video
>     communication is unacceptable and jeopardizes the safe running of
>     the experiment. *****
>     >
>     > Regards,
>     > Nathan - PDL
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