[Hallb] shift reminders

Nathan Baltzell baltzell at jlab.org
Mon Sep 25 11:09:36 EDT 2023

Dear Shift Takers,

The run wikis are the place for instructions, procedures, run plans, links, etc, for CLAS12 shift operations.  Here's the corresponding link for the upcoming RG-D:


Our policy on worker shifts is that in-person is strongly encouraged, but remote is still supported.  Expert shifts *cannot* be remote.

******* If you will be taking any remote worker shifts, you must, well in advance of your shift(s):
1.  Inform the Hall B PDL (me for RG-D) which shifts will be remote.
2.  Test the required connections and tools documented on the run wiki on the "Shift Worker" tab.

Please let me know if you have any related questions.

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