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Axel Schmidt axelschmidt at gwu.edu
Mon Sep 25 12:59:18 EDT 2023

Dear Lamiaa,
	Please accept my apologies; you asked me for this weeks ago, and it got lost in the chaos the semester.

We intend to submit one more chapter to our note for the review committee to approve. In this chapter we will take the high-momentum (short-range correlated) proton-and neutron- knockout events, whose selection was previously described, and we look at the subset that contain a second emitted proton. This is a very small number of events per nucleus, less than 100, i.e., highly statistics limited. We show kinematic distributions that are consistent with this proton being the correlated spectator nucleon from the short-range correlated pair that was broken up in the scattering reaction. We then compare the number of proton-proton pairs to the number of neutron-proton pairs. Albeit with low statistics, we find consistency with the single-nucleon knockout ratio. We think this is an important cross check that may be asked in peer review and so we'd like to demonstrate that we've looked and everything is consistent.

We'll have that chapter ready for you in a few days. Apologies that I haven't not found time to get it done sooner.

I would also like to say that given how strained our WG is for reviewers, that I would gladly volunteer to be on the next non-RG-M review that comes up. It has been quite a few months since I've been on a review, and I do want to help do my fair share, given how much I have asked of the group lately.

Thanks so much,


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