[Hallc_running] Update on target training for Hall C commissioning experiments

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Mon Nov 20 14:30:41 EST 2017

The latest plan is to cooldown the Hall C target with helium on
Friday Dec 1st in the morning. This will facilitate 
the cooldown of the hydrogen target on Monday Dec 4th. 

With this change , the training lecture that was originally on Friday 
has been moved to Thursday Nov 30th at 3pm in F113.
With the cooldown on Friday Dec 1st, practical training will be given at
2pm in Hall C and at 3:30pm in Hall A. There is a limit of 5 to 6
people taking the practical training at one time. So one needs
to reserve at place by sending an email to Greg Smith (smithg at jlab.org)
for Hall C or Jian-Peng Chen (jpchen at jlab.org) for Hall A.
You can get training on either hall setup.

There is a schedule of future lectures and practical target training
at https://userweb.jlab.org/~smithg/target/Qweak/tgt_training_schedule.pdf

There is a lecture on Dec 6th by Silviu (corvig at jlab.org). Send Silviu
an email to get time and location. There is interest in having a lecture
early in the week of Dec 11th. Contact Greg Smith (smithg at jlab.org) if you
also are interested in that period so he can maximize the number of participants.
Jan 11th is looking like a possible data. Contact Greg Smith (smithg at jlab.org)
if you are interested in Jan 11th. If you can not make any of these times,
try and organize with others to suggest a date/time.

As you will see in the schedule, the practical training in Dec, Jan and Feb
 will be available  when Greg Smith (smithg at jlab.org) or Jian-Peng Chen (jpchen at jlab.org) 
are on target shift. One needs to reserve a time by emailing them.

Below is general info about target training
The target webpage is at https://userweb.jlab.org/~smithg/target/Qweak/


****** General info **********

All target training reset after the 12 GeV upgrade. But, people who were target 
trained in Hall A since then are also trained for Hall C, and vice-versa.

People who were already target trained in either hall A or C during the 6 GeV era 
simply need to take a short practical in the counting room with one of 
the 3 target experts (Jian-peng Chen, Silviu Covrig or Greg Smith) when 
the target is condensed, to be trained for the 12 GeV era. We recommend 
that they (optionally) either drop in on a training lecture, or go 
over the training slides, before redoing this practical.

People who have never been target trained in either hall have to attend 
a target training talk/lecture that's about an hour long, and then take 
a 1-2h practical in the counting room with a target expert when the 
target is condensed.

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