[Hallc_running] KAON-LT shift workers needed

Garth Huber huberg at uregina.ca
Fri Aug 24 10:18:28 EDT 2018

Dear Collaborator:

The KAON-LT experiment is expected to start taking beam this weekend, and will 
continue (interleaved with the SIDIS experiments in the run group) until Dec 20. 
  There are still many vacant shifts available, and we could badly use your 
help.  Graduate students and PDFs are also very welcome, as this provides an 
excellent training opportunity for future Hall C experiments.

Owl shifts count as 1.5 towards authorship requirements.

The purpose of the experiment is take p(e,e'K+)Lambda L/T-separated cross 
sections above the resonance region, and should we find evidence of the K+ pole 
contribution, we will do the first precise K+ form factor extraction at higher 
Q^2.  For more information, please visit:

If you are interested to participate, the shift sign up is at:

Garth Huber (also for Tanja Horn and Pete Markowitz)

Dr. Garth Huber, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Regina, Regina, SK S4S0A2, Canada.
tel: 1-306-585-4240. fax: 1-306-585-5659.

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