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Sat Aug 25 08:50:03 EDT 2018

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Beam setup at 5 pass has remained challenging with no beam yet delivered to Hall D. In addition, it appears there is a small aperture or partial obstruction in one the cryomodules in the north linac, complicating beam delivery.  

Since there is a lot to be learned by establishing CW beam somewhere in the machine, the plan for later today will be to try and deliver CW at 4th pass to Hall C - this would happen after attempts to understand and steer around the small aperture in the north linac.  It's possible then, that we could be in a position to execute the SHMS steering test plan by late DAY or early SWING shift.  However, once CW is established to Hall C, it is possible we would lose beam for a while (or experience intermittent beam delivery) since 5th pass setup to D and B remains a priority. 

As discussed yesterday, there will be an RC meeting at 4:15 pm.  All shifts should report as scheduled. Now that we have started regular shifts, Shift Leaders should make sure the shift checklist is completed and that the Beam Time Accounting form is submitted at the end of the shift.


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