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Tue Nov 27 10:35:02 EST 2018

Logentry Text:
- The latest from accelerator division is that they require more time before moving to study beam delivery in the Hall. 
- The new aim is to have the Hall locked up during Day shift tomorrow (Wed, 11/28), certainly before the end of day shift. This plan for initial beam delivery tests during swing shift.
- The goal is to have physics-ready beam Thursday.
- NB: Please coordinate any planned and on-going work in the Hall with W. Kellner so that we may determine a new lock up time which will take place during day shift tomorrow. And let me know of any remaining time estimations for work.
- Yesterday several works were on-going in the Hall (LD2 target parked, HGC work, aerogel changeout, vacuum studies, HMS dipole studies) and today several works are continuing (brush installations, HGC, Facilities working on water leak by the door and magnet studies).

RC Meeting:
- We will have an RC meeting today at 16:30, second floor counting house.

Notices in effect for shift crews:
* Shift changes - I will send a separate update for shift changes.

Planned accelerator configuration changes:
Still down for energy change. Stay tuned for further updates.

Planned accesses to the Hall:
Hall is in restricted access. On-going and planned work in Hall should be coordinated with W. Kellner and please keep me updated.


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