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Wed Nov 28 09:35:01 EST 2018

Logentry Text:
- Accelerator division are still on track to start sending tune beam to the Hall during swing shift.
- They have had beam through the whole machine and are currently working on extraction.
- Work and check outs in the Hall should by finished at 2pm to move to lock up. Please coordinate on-going work in Hall with W. Kellner.
- The goal remains physics-ready beam during Day shift Thursday.
- This morning there is an issue with the SHMS Q3 magnet which will not turn on (S. Lassiter is working on it)
- Further updates from MCC: accelerator division will try to perform a BCM calibration; harps 3H07A and B have issues which are unresolvable in current down time.

RC Meeting:
- There will be an RC meeting today at 16:15, second floor counting house.

Notices in effect for shift crews:
- Current shifts schedule still stands (All TO's on all shifts, For SL only: Wed 11/28 day 08:00-16:00 cancelled; Wed 11/28 swing 16:00-00:00 standby; Thur 11/29 owl 00:00-08:00 standby. Thur 11/29 day 08:16:00 and every shift after this needs SL and TO).
- S. Lassiter has passed on important information about procedure if going to large angles with HMS from smaller angles: moving from ~20 degrees to higher angles with HMS, HMS may over-rev at around 21 degrees giving error "E07.4 DC Bus overvoltage" at which point user must press stop or the shunt trip breakers will need a local re set

Planned accelerator configuration changes:
- Still down for energy change and move to 500MHz laser.

Planned accesses to the Hall:
- Hall is in restricted access. On-going and planned work in Hall should be coordinated with W. Kellner and completed 2pm. Please keep RC updated.


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