[Hallc_running] RC report 04/07/2019

gabriel at jlab.org gabriel at jlab.org
Sun Apr 7 17:47:44 EDT 2019

Dear all-
Thanks for all that pointed out that I sent two 04/05 reports in two
consecutive days! This is the RC report for 04/07/2019:

- smooth running during the owl shift. lots of good data!
- this morning ~08:30 we finished the Q2=3.0 W=pi x=0.25 with ~112% worth
of Lambdas (compared with the runplan)! See
https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3676539 (thanks Richard!) for summary
plots at this kinematics.
- We then proceeded to change to the Q2=5.5 W=3.02 x=0.4 (see
https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3676541 for an early/low statistics look).
- HMS dipole took a long time to settle, all told the kinematics change
took ~87 minutes.
- as HMS was finally settling down (and presumably not related to the
kinematic change) we had an unexpected drop of the Hall to "Restricted
access". This took 3 h 15 minutes to resolve, resulting in very little
ABUs for the day shift.
- since about 14:00 we are back up and taking data at the new kinematic.
we anticipate to be at this setting until sometime Wed.
- beam studies are scheduled for tomorrow morning starting at 08:00 and
lasting the whole day shift. I will ask for controlled access at 8 o'
clock meeting. Hopefully the people that need access will be done by
noon/early afternoon so we can sweep and be ready for beam by 16:00.

Happy Kaon farming!
Gabriel Niculescu

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