[Hallc_running] RC report 04/08/2019

gabriel at jlab.org gabriel at jlab.org
Mon Apr 8 16:26:16 EDT 2019

Dear all-

Here is the RC report for 04/08/2019:
- no 3:30 RC meeting today. Did gave a short report to the Hall C meeting
@3 pm. Bottom line: for the past 5 days (since taking over RC) the ABUs
have been at 74%, the UEDs were just 79 minutes.
- smooth running over the swing/owl shifts
- based on the last 24 h of running we gathered ~40-50% of the desired
number of K-Lambda events at this kinematic.
- beam studies all day shift today. A couple of small controlled accesses
to the Hall, finished by the early afternoon.
- beam sweep around 15:30. Beam back in the Hall by 16:20, currently
running @70 uA.
- will stay at this settings until probably early Th. morning.
- next kinematic point will require some care as we will come very close
to the beam-line. upcoming RC will coordinate this with Steve L. and

Happy Kaon farming!
Gabriel Niculescu

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