[Hallc_running] Kaon-LT/SIDIS running and shift schedule change

Dave Gaskell gaskelld at jlab.org
Mon Feb 25 12:09:44 EST 2019

Dear Kaon-LT/SIDIS rungroup collaborators -

As shown in the updated beam schedule 
the currently running J/Psi experiment (E12-16-007) will run until 
Tuesday morning, March 5.  On March 5, we will switch to running the 
CSV-SIDIS (E12-09-002) experiment, and on March 17 begin the hall 
reconfiguration needed for continuation of the Kaon-LT (E12-09-011) 

All Kaon-LT/SIDIS shifts until DAY shift, March 5 have been canceled. 
The shift schedule has also been extended until 8 am Monday, April 15.  
There are still several shifts available for this run period, so please 
consider signing up. The shift schedule can be found here:


Dave Gaskell

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