[Hallc_running] Hall C shifts sign-up available for July 26--Sep 02

Brad Sawatzky brads at jlab.org
Mon Jul 6 23:36:19 EDT 2020

Dear Collaboration Members,

JLab has been slowly re-opening for a few weeks now, and local personnel
are in the process of bring the Accelerator and Hall C systems
(including the Pol-He3 target!) back online after this long hiatus.

JLab is planning to formally restart production running on Monday,
July 27 and continue running until Sunday, Sept 6.

We have gotten the go-ahead to restart the shift sign-up process:

*However*, as you would expect, it is not 'business as usual'.  Please
read and follow all of the requirements noted on the Shift sign-up page
(and reproduced below).  This includes additional web-based training,
and you must re-register for a new visit (if you haven't already done so
after March 2020).

Do check for any new travel/reimbursement rules that may be imposed by
your funding agency and/or your Institution.  Often that will require
additional paperwork (so start early).

============ NOTE: New COVID-19 / MEDCON Requirements ============

• Ensure that your Institution/grant will support your travel first.
  JLab is prohibited from providing financial support to non-Staff
  personnel at this time.

• If you use public transportation (flights, train, bus), then you
  *must* self-quarantine for 14 days prior to your first shift. (In most
  cases this means you will need to be within driving distance of the

• SAF003 training: Working Safely at JLab During Elevated MedCon Levels

• ESH-20-102494-OSP: COVID-19 Pandemic Controls [READ NOW, sign when you arrive.]

• Re-register for a site-visit using JRIS/EARS (unless you are JLab Staff).

• Confirm you have a room/hotel available. The JLab ResFac *is* open,
  but may have limited availability.

NOTE: All non-JLab staff 'site-visits' were disabled at the end of March
  2020. If you have not registered a new visit since that time, then you
  must register with JRIS again. Remember to register for a '1 year'
  visit if you live in the US. 


-- Brad

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