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Wed Jul 29 14:20:01 EDT 2020

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<p>Accelerator reported fairly good progress at the 1:30pm meeting this afternoon, so we will proceed with locking up the Hall Thursday afternoon.<br><br>Those in charge of the Hall, Target, Beamline, and Target checklists will need to complete them and post them to the HClog (cc'ing Walter) before Thursday afternoon (if you haven't already done so).</p><p>On-Call phones for the Techs, Target, and Magnet experts will need to be assigned and monitored starting tomorrow afternoon.<br><br>We will start staffing the Counting House starting at 8am on Friday (shift crew have been notified).<br><br>The general plan for the next few days is this:</p><ul><li>MCC will continue steering beam up through 5th pass today.  There is some Accerator maintenance planned for Thursday Day, followed by beam restoration and tuning.</li><li>Initial beam into Hall C could happen as early as Friday morning (Tune beam).  When MCC ready for a CW test, we (Hall C) will do some target+beam chec!
 kout procedures then go back to the 'No Target' position.</li><li>MCC will test how well the machine can handle high current (up to 45uA) to Hall C (Friday, Saturday)</li><li>If the tune supports high current, then they will switch focus to bring up Halls B and D (Sat, Sun)</li><li>When the other Halls are tuned up, we will begin 5-pass production running in Hall C (Sun?)</li></ul><p>Just a reminder that we will be having regular RC meetings at 4:15pm starting this afternoon:  <a class="external free" href="https://bluejeans.com/861439920" rel="nofollow">https://bluejeans.com/861439920</a></p>


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