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Averett, Todd D tdaver at wm.edu
Tue Jul 28 15:46:53 EDT 2020

Though I will not be back on Saturday, please remember to set the cooling jets to the proper flow rates


Todd Averett
William and Mary

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So I guess things are going well in Accelerator and we've been asked to be ready for beam by Saturday Day shift.

The current plan is to take the Hall to Controlled Access on Thursday Swing. That means we should have our Hall, beamline, detector (and target) checklists done by then.

Any tools, notebooks, hardware, etc should be cleaned up and removed from the Hall over the next few days. (As always, if you're not 100% sure something has not seen beam, then make sure RadCon surveys it first.)

I've reactivated the 3 shifts from Saturday Day, Sat Swing, and Sun Owl in the shift schedule for now (following shifts were already active).

** We do need a SL for Sunday OWL **

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