[Hallc_running] Poll for Hall C RC meeting time

Dave Gaskell gaskelld at jlab.org
Thu Aug 19 15:11:13 EDT 2021

Hi everyone -

I've created a Doodle poll to help try and select a new time for the 
Hall C Run Coordinator meeting.  The poll is located here:


The poll is for a single day, but keep in mind that this is to select 
the time for the daily RC meeting.  Please select times that would be 
compatible with your schedule for most or many days (not necessarily 
every day).

Please note that I have excluded meeting times that:

1. Conflict with the Hall C meeting (Mondays, 3 pm).  I have allowed the 
time slots 2:30 pm-3:30 pm (assuming that the RC meeting could be 
shortened to only 30 minutes on Mondays) and 3:30 pm-4:30 pm (assuming 
the RC meeting could start a few minutes late Mondays in the event the 
Hall C meeting runs more than 30 minutes).

2. Conflict with the 1:30 pm Wednesday scheduling meeting.  I've 
included the 1-2 pm and 2-3 pm time slots in the poll with the same 
caveats as noted above for the Hall C meeting (short meeting or late 
start on Wednesdays).

3. Conflict with the 4 pm shift changeover.

Please try to fill out the poll by next Monday - I would like to select 
the new time before the next RC meeting (likely sometime next week).


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