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Once the SHMS Q1 insulating vacuum recovered yesterday morning we resumed data taking around 10:20 am at Q2=5, low epsilon (SHMS center). For position orbit locks we used the new beam positions found here: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3974834 (the whiteboard in the counting house was updated). 

There were no downs on the hall side and only few beam interruptions to the hall the most significant being a ~2 hour down due to 1L04 dropping out of HV.

We collected almost 60% of the goal statistics at the current kinematics on LH2. Once the LH2 running concludes, we will switch to dummy running for few hours. Once that's finished we can rotate SHMS to 8.17 deg to allow data taking at Q2=5, low epsilon, SHMS left setting.

A pass change is schedule for Hall B starting with 10 am on Monday. Starting with 7:45 am on Tuesday Ops will take beam away for 3-4 shifts for the 2L18 cryo bump exercise. The expectation is that beam delivery to the halls will resume sometime during the day shift on Wednesday. I will put the SLs for Tuesday day, swing and Wednesday owl on standby. The TOs must arrive for their shifts as usual.
We will be in controlled access on Tuesday during day for maintenance work.

We will have an RC meeting today at 10 am: https://jlab-org.zoomgov.com/j/1607100885?pwd=ZFBsRTFsYm5Zb0laZ0tyZXNjcEE0QT09


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