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Wed Jul 6 09:55:02 EDT 2022

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A quick update for today -

- Lots of work in the hall and on the accelerator today
- We're expecting beam restoration to begin towards the end of day shift. So long as all of the work is done, we'll lock up and ramp the magnets back up late afternoon. PD should hopefully update the new RC later, but I wouldn't expect physics beam till late swing.
- On the experiment front, no major issues. We had an SHMS LN2 cryo issue late swing/early owl which Ellen resolved - https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4011519
- Beam was as good as we'll get for now overnight. We're sitting on 18k/50k pions on the current setting.
- Once we get beam back, plan is to keep going on this setting till we hit 50k. At ~500 pions an hour, it's slow going.

More info on all of the above here - https://hallcweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/July_6,_2022

We'll have a meeting today on Zoom and in person (CH upstairs) at 11:00 - https://jlab-org.zoomgov.com/j/1607100885?pwd=ZFBsRTFsYm5Zb0laZ0tyZXNjcEE0QT09 -  Meeting ID: 160 710 0885 -  Passcode: 595071

I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss the SHMS delta cuts during this meeting. 

Vladimir will take over as RC later today. I'd like to take this chance to quickly thank everyone for all of their hard work over the past week whilst I've been RC.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's signed up for shifts. We're looking pretty healthy well into the middle of the month at this point!


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