[Hallcsw] Started agenda page on wiki for next 12 GeV Software meeting :Tues March 20th at 1pm in B101

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Mon Mar 19 16:50:53 EDT 2012

If you have something to present send it or a link to me and I will
post it on the wiki. Or add it to the agenda on the wiki at

I have put a link to the first draft of the milestones.

Next meeting 12 GeV Software meeting :Tues March 20th at 1pm in B101
The conference line is 866-740-1260 access code 6535.
To share documents we will use www.readytalk.com and
join as a participate with same access code.
If you want to share a document send it to me or
have it available by the web.

The topic of the meeting will be organization
of the new Hall C Root Analyzer in terms of the code itself
and how to proceed in writing the code. Gabi will have a presentation.
Also Steve will present his ideas on how the data analysis should
be organized.

The last meeting we discussed the milestones for the software
development. I will send around a copy of the
milestones in a later email.


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