[Hallcsw] Summary of the March 20 software meeting

Mark Jones jones at jlab.org
Tue Mar 20 16:30:45 EDT 2012

I apologize for not putting the correct code for phoning into
the meeting. For meeting always:
Call in using phone number 866-740-1260 with code 1150811.
Login into www.readytalk.com to view presentations.
Meet biweekly every Tues at 1pm in B101.

Next meeting Tues April 3rd, 2012 at 1 pm in B101

We will use
for postings talks.

You can see today's talks at

For the JLab Software Readiness Review, I posted the milestones
that we had discussed at the previous meeting. Any suggestions
or comments send to Mark Jones (jones at jlab.org). The Hall C part
of the review will be 60-90 minutes. Most likely there will be
two speakers, Steve Wood and Gabi Niculescu. Eric Christy
has agreed to make slides to discuss tracking in the ENGINE
and at high rates. John Arrington agreed to work on slides about the 
workflow (raw data to published data). Gabi produced an outline for the 
talk in slide 3-5 of his presentation. Rolf wants an outline of the 
presentations in the beginning of April, so Gabi produced a good start.

Steve presented his ideas on developing a hit list class
  which is similar to in spirit to what is done  in the
Hall C fortran code. Gabi presented
(on slide 7 and up) his thoughts on the strategy for C++ development
and how to integrate with the Hall A software. It would be great if any 
Hall A code experts and/or C++ experts could look over Steve and Gabi's
ideas and make suggestions. Ole Hansen said that he would be looking 
over the presentations.

It is important to improve the documentation of the Hall C engine
to make it easier to incorporate it into the C++ code. Gabi has started
a wiki page
documenting the code.
I suggested that as work on the C++ code goes forward we should
in parallel be documenting the wire chamber code. Vardan and others in
the Yerevan group are working on the calorimeter documentation.

Comments and corrections  are welcome.


				Mark Jones
				jones at jlab.org

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