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Hi All,

  Minutes from last weeks CPP Software meeting have been posted.



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Attendees: David L., Beni Z., Alex A., Simon T., Andrew S., Rory M., Ilya L.

  *   Discussed Action Items from last meeting.
     *   Fibers are in place for DAQ readout, but not trigger. Experts are aware of issue and working on it.
     *   Beni and Justin have made Translation table to include new channels (FMWPC=yes, CTOF=?). It still needs to be uploaded into the CCDB
     *   Simon has added the CTOF global positions information to FMWPC library. David still needs to use it to match to tracks.
     *   Richard has updated the simulation code to properly handle the new Tagger geometry that has overlapping microscope and hodoscope regions. Still need updates to Analysis code. Elton noted that Justin pointed out where in the code it was and Richard acknowledged it. Not clear though on whether Richard was going to fix the code himself. Elton was going to follow up so we can make sure someone has been identified to make the necessary changes.
     *   Alex has added base time offsets for all 6 planes of FMWPC for all 6 planes. Offsets for individual channels are still needed. Alex will take care of it.
     *   Alex has provided some initial FMWPC timing numbers to Sean
     *   Calibration items for CTOF are also needed in CCDB. Simon will take care of.
     *   David removed the unneeded values from DFMWPCMatchedTrack.
     *   Simon has added results of K+K- kinfit to DCPPEpEm factory
     *   The CPP branch has several changes

  *   Andrew showed plots of yield asymmetry as a function of phi and psi from real data. Some discussion took place. Andrew agreed to copied relevant bits into FMWPC_performance plugin to reproduce some of the important histograms there.


Action Items[edit<https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php?title=%CE%A0_polarizability_Software_Meeting_Apr_21,_2022&action=edit&section=7>]

  *   Justin's updated Translation table put into CCDB
  *   Identify person to implement changes for photons in Analysis code (Elton)
  *   FMWPC offsets for each channel in CCDB (Alex)
  *   CTOF calibration constants in CCDB (Simon)
  *   Merge changes in master into CPP branch and submit PR to merge CPP changes into master (David)
  *   Solve issue of kaon/pion separation (Andrew)
  *   Implement kinematic histos in FMWPC_performance plugin using DCPPEpEm factory (Andrew)
  *   Start plan for full Monitoring/DAQ test in 2nd week of May (David)
  *   Add DCTOFPoint objects to DFMWPCMatchedTrack (David)

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