[Halld-jlab] Revamping halld-jlab mail list

Elton Smith elton at jlab.org
Wed Aug 19 15:16:47 EDT 2009

Dear Hall D staff,

Elliott has me helped revamp the halld-jlab mail list. The list was one of
the original mail lists and had essentially everyone connected to hall D
on it. As other specific lists were created it became obsolete. However,
there remains a need for a list of Hall D staff that are on site for local
communications including announcements about our bi-weekly local Hall D
meeting, etc. We have pruned the list down and added a few names. Please
take a look at the list and send me the names of anyone that might be
missing and should be added. The list is to include everyone that spends
approximately at least half of their time on Hall D. We have made the list
so that subscription to the list requires permission from the owner

Thanks, Elton.

MEMBERS halld-jlab:

barbosa at jlab.org
biallas at jlab.org
carl.zorn at jlab.org
carman at jlab.org
carstens at jlab.org
davidl at jlab.org
domingoj at jlab.org
elton at jlab.org
gen at jlab.org
huttonc at jlab.org
jlagner at jlab.org
kross at jlab.org
lcarlson at jlab.org
marki at jlab.org
somov at jlab.org
staylor at jlab.org
stevensm at jlab.org
vgr at jlab.org
wcrahen at jlab.org
whitey at jlab.org
wolin at jlab.org
zihlmann at jlab.org

> Elton Smith
> Jefferson Lab MS 12H5
> 12000 Jefferson Ave
> Suite # 16
> Newport News, VA 23606
> elton at jlab.org
> (757) 269-7625
> (757) 269-6331 fax

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