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GlueX Data Challenge Meeting, October 8, 2012

      * CMU: Paul Mattione, Curtis Meyer
      * JLab: Mark Ito (chair), David Lawrence, Simon Taylor

JLab Farm Priority

    Paul asked if there was a special account. one that gets increased
    priority, that we could use, like the production accounts in CLAS (e.
    g., clasg13). Mark noted that those accounts are enhanced only relative
    to other CLAS users. There is still an overall allocation per Hall.
    Hall D's allocation is currently 4% no matter how we split it up

    More broadly, Mark promised to research how the current scheme is
    executed in detail. His memory of these details are from the old LSF

JLab Farm Mini-Challenge Status

    Mark showed the [17]summary statistics from the now-completed
    mini-challenge which was producing REST formatted data. There is still
    a poor yield (79%) of output files produced by a job, and that in fact
    not all of those were complete. The outstanding memory issue has not
    been addressed, however.

Large, Usable Pythia Sample

    We discussed the idea, endorsed at the collaboration meeting, of making
    an effort to generate 2 billion Pythia events on some combination of
    our current resources. Mark [18]outlined some of the issues. We also
    discussed [19]Richard's recent email describing software changes he
    advocates before we get started. Some points from the discussion:
      * We need a standard software suite before starting. Practically that
        means putting in things that are not in the repository yet, and
        eliminating some things that are. We decided:
           + to put in the changes to REST format that Richard mentioned
           + to not wait for the changes to the HDDM format that he
             describes since the HDDM_s data will not be kept anyway (for
             the most part). We will have to run this argument by Richard.
           + to not include the new BCAL digitization scheme from David
      * We need to standardize the configuration files, command line
        arguments, and random number seed schemes across all production
      * We will start at all three sites and see how things go, i. e., no
        per-site goal at first.
      * We thought that 2 billion events was indeed a reasonable total to
        shoot for.
      * We set two weeks (the next meeting) as a goal for being ready to
      * We enjoined Curtis to make a request to IT Division to increase our
        share of the farm to 50% from 4%. (He actually volunteered.)

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   18. https://halldweb1.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Large,_usable_Pythia_sample

Mark M. Ito
Jefferson Lab (www.jlab.org)

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