[Halld-offline] Nightly builds

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Wed Oct 10 07:40:12 EDT 2012

Hi All,

   Yesterday, I completed some updates to the nightly builds done on the 
JLab CUE. Things seem to have built correctly last night so I will claim 
success. Here are the changes:

- Use xerces 3.1.1 (was 2.7.0)

- Use root 5.34.01 (was 5.26d on most platforms)

- Use JANA 0.6.5 (was 0.6.3 from Feb. 2011)

- Use CERNLIB from our ExternalPackages area (was from /apps)

The CERNLIB change was motivated by adding the CentOS6 platform to the 
builds (see below). We already had versions for the previously supported 
platforms on our group disk. It now uses a naming scheme for the 
platform-specific directories that is based on our osrelease.pl script 
and so is consistent with the naming scheme used elsewhere with our 
software. For example:


instead of


Part of this change included updating the 
scripts/build_scripts/cue_cernlib.pl file to return the full path that 
the CERN environment variable should be set to (previously, it only 
returned the platform specific part and assumed the caller would prepend 
the /apps/cernlib base directory). If you use the cue_cernlib.pl script 
in your login script or elsewhere, you will need to modify it to 
accommodate this change.

I have also added the new ifarm12s01 node to the platforms the nightly 
builds are done on. This is a CentOS 6.2 Sandy Bridge 16 core machine. 
It has the same setup as the 32 new farm nodes on the centos62 queue 
that are roughly 50% of the farm capacity at the moment (if I've 
understood things correctly). The ifarm12s01 node has also been added to 
the b1pi semi-weekly tests so we should start to see results come out if 
it with this Thursday's run. The wiki pages describing the nightly 
builds and the bipi tests have been updated to reflect this addition.

Finally, I have also done a cleanup of the scripts directory in 
subversion to try and clear out old things that were no longer in use. 
I've already had to un-delete one item that turned out still to be in 
use (sorry Sasha!). If you find anything else that is missing from the 
scripts directory that you were using, please let me know.


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