[Halld-offline] new software for Cherenkov and RICH detectors simulation

Yi Qiang yqiang at jlab.org
Fri Oct 12 15:36:31 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I checked in some new software to include Cherenkov and RICH detectors 
in the HDGeant simulation.

1. Four types of hits can now be generated in HDGeant depending on the 
name of the sensitive volume:
CERW : Cherenkov counter window, register truth hits in Chernkov counter,
CPPC: Chernkov counter phototubes, register photoelectrons in Cherenkov 
RAWN: RICH radiator window, register truth hits in RICH detector,
RDCD: RICH photocathode, register photoelectrons in RICH detector.
Please use these names accordingly when putting new detectors in HDDS model.

2. A new RICH structure has been created in the HDDM model to save the 
RICH hits.

3. The two truth hits are saved as DMCTrackHit with an additional 
system, SYS_RICH, defined.
Two additional libraries, CERE and RICH, are introduced to provide 
classes for photoelectron hits in these two detectors.
Two new factories: DCereHit and DRichHit are added to DANA to process them.
Right now, there is no reconstruction performed for RICH hits, only the 
raw position and time will be reported.

4. A new plugin, mc_tree, which can be used to extract the hits in GlueX 
detector including those in RICH and Cherenkov detectors can be found in 

Please let me know if you have any questions or find any problem.



* Revision 9776:
Clean up of RICH and CERE libraries: removed unused header and temporary 

* Revision 9775:
Complete support of Cherenkov and RICH detectors:
1. Added a new RICH structure in HDDM to store hits and truth points in 
RICH detector
2. Added hitRICH in HDgeant to process hits in RICH sensitive volumes: 
RAWN (entrance) and RDCD (cathode)
3. Added a new RICH system, SYS_RICH, in GlueX.h
4. Added a new RICH library, separated from previous CERE library
5. Added two factories in DANA to process Cherenkov and RICH hits: 
DCereHit and DRichHit
6. Added the truth points in Cherenkov and RICH to DMCTrackHit as hits 
7. Updated mc_tree plugin to include Cherenkov and RICH hits in ROOTTree

*Yi Qiang*   Ph.D. /Staff Scientist/
*Email*: yqiang at jlab.org <mailto:yqiang at jlab.org>
*Tel*: (757) 269-7237 *Fax*: (757) 269-6331
*Web*: https://userweb.jlab.org/~yqiang 
12000 Jefferson Ave F351, Newport News, VA 23606
Jefferson Lab <http://www.jlab.org>
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