[Halld-offline] Analysis Library, Kinematic Fitter

pmatt at jlab.org pmatt at jlab.org
Sun Oct 14 16:35:47 EDT 2012

I've just checked the new analysis library and the new kinematic fitter
into the svn repository.  Several Makefiles throughout the svn trunk were
updated as well, so I suggest completely checking out a new version of
sim-recon in order to use them.

The analysis library and kinematic fitter are located at:

Documentation can be found at:
Analysis library:
Kinematic fitter:

A plugin for analyzing b1pi events was also checked in.  In addition to
being an example for using the new software, I recommend we use this
plugin for the b1pi scripts (and the data challenge when ready) from now

Note that while not every feature is working yet, I think the software is
ready for people to perform many different types of analyses.  I've tried
to make sure that everything will work smoothly, but I couldn't test every
routine for every possible reaction beforehand.  If you have any problems
or find any bugs please let me know (please read the documentation first
though!) and I'll try to fix them as quickly as I can.

Also, I would very much appreciate feedback on things that you think could
use improvement, or functionality you would like added.  It may be a while
before I'm ready to implement them though, and I will probably need
support from the community.  Thanks!

 - Paul

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