[Halld-offline] fix for ZFATAL crashes in HDGeant

Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Wed Mar 5 17:44:34 EST 2014

Hello all,

I have checked in a fix for the ZFATAL crashes in HDGeant.  My initial
tests show that it is robust.  Please check it out for yourselves at high
bg rate.

During my investigations, I also found a subtle bug that was introduced in
some but not all of the hits generation functions in HDGeant, called
hitXXX.c, where XXX is one of the subsystems.  If you care to read about
it, look at the svn log comments that I attached to the latest update to
hitFDC.c or one of the others.  Simon might want to respond to this.  The
desired outcome can be achieved by applying the cut on maximum hits per
channel somewhere else in the simulation chain, either in mcsmear or at
hits input to hd_ana.  Once the hits have been ordered in time, blind to
the truth information about the track that produced them, then truncation
is perfectly fine.

The above fixes have been applied to both the main trunk code and the dc-2
branch.  Please check it out and squeeze it for bugs.  I am still working
to reproduce the short hddm output file effect.  What I am getting instead
is a few percent of the jobs crashing with the famous "thread killed after
XX seconds" error. I assume that we are excluding these cases from the
study of jobs producing short files, otherwise, it kind of makes no sense
to be looking at compression as a possible culprit.

-Richard J.
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