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Please find the minutes below and at


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GlueX Offline Software Meeting


  * *CMU*: Curtis Meyer
  * *FSU*: Aristeidis Tsaris
  * *JLab*: Mark Ito (chair), David Lawrence, Paul Mattione, Kei Moriya,
    Nathan Sparks, Justin Stevens, Simon Taylor
  * *NU*: Sean Dobbs


  * *Nightly build results on web*. Mark has put the summary of nightly
    build errors and warnings
    <https://halldweb.jlab.org/nightly/nightly_build_errors.txt> on the
    web. He led us through the email
    announcing it.
  * *HDGeant now uses RF period in CCDB*. Paul checked in a change such
    that HDGeant will look up the bunch frequency from the CCDB when
    simulating electromagnetic background. The current setting in the
    database is 499 MHz.

Review of minutes from April 15

We went over the minutes from last time 

David gave us an update on his Geant4 implementation. He as put in the 
FDC and FCAL and can reconstruct tracks in the FDC with resolution 
comparable with those found with HDGeant. He ran into an issue with 
multi-threading; a bug report has been submitted to the Geant4 

Offline Monitoring

Kei reported he has run over most of the files collected in the last 
week of data-taking. The volume of data is small, it only takes a few 
hours to run over everything.

We then discussed doing a final run over the Fall data so that people 
can use the data to prepare for the collaboration meeting. There is a 
change to get the setting of the F1-TDC parameters from the CCDB that 
Justin checked in yesterday. There are also new TOF timing constants 
that we are not taking advantage of yet. In addition Lubomir also has 
new FDC alignment numbers. For all of these reasons a re-run seems 
desirable but time is running short to have the data available in time 
to be useful. We agreed on a launch time target at the end of the day on 

There was a bit of discussion of what data we have from the current run. 
Most of it is in run 2931, which is contained in just over 100 files and 
has about 75 million events. Data were taken in mode 7 with an FCAL-BCAL 

Spring 2015 Commissioning Simulations

Sean described the conditions 
he is proposing and solicited feedback. The software has been tagged but 
not released. Paul noted that the nominal position of the coherent peak 
is 3.4 GeV. The gxproj4 account will be used to run the jobs.

On a side note, Mark has put in a request to the Computer Center for a 

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