[Halld-offline] "new" work disk: /work/halld2

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Nov 5 11:58:40 EST 2015


As you may know we have been having some minor issues with our new 
Lustre-based work disk. (See 
.) We requested some additional work space on the old, traditional file 
server for storing SQLite files and for doing software builds and the 
space is now ready. The new disk is /work/halld2. There are 3 TB there, 
which should be plenty for these special purposes.

I have made a directory, /work/halld2/home, for us to create private 
directories (e. g., /work/halld2/home/marki) so that we can avoid 
clutter in the top-level directory. All members of the "halld" Unix 
group should have privilege to create their own directories there.

Note that disk space always tends to evaporate over time and this 
partition is in some sense a scarce resource given plans for future disk 
purchases (a least as I understand them). Please do not put large data 
files on /work/halld2. Those should go to /work/halld as before.

   -- Mark

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