[Halld-offline] GCC 4.9.2 and the farm

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Fri Apr 15 16:32:19 EDT 2016


For early adopters out there, I've done a complete build of GlueX 
software using GCC 4.9.2 on the ifarm. Note that these nodes and the 
rest of the farm are CentOS 6 systems and the system-supplied compiler 
is GCC 4.4.7.

To use this new version, you must precede your environment set-up with 
the following command:

module load gcc_4.9.2

The new version of gcc will automatically be put in your path and our 
standard environment set-up scripts (for example, 
/group/halld/Software/build_scripts/gluex_env_jlab.csh) should then work.

The versions of all the relevant packages are listed at


   -- Mark

marki at jlab.org, (757)269-5295

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