[Halld-offline] Minor update of TAGH scaled energy boundaries

Nathan Sparks nsparks at jlab.org
Sun Apr 24 22:58:57 EDT 2016

I have put in a relatively minor update of the TAGH scaled energy boundaries into the ccdb (default variation).

This was needed for 25 installed counters (in the slot-region of 176-217) which have larger widths than was originally planned (for those slots) and used in Dan's July 2014 boundary calculations. Franz sent me updated ray tracing results/energy boundaries; I simply converted his numbers from photon energy to fraction of endpoint energy, compared to previous numbers, and put them into the ccdb.

I checked that energy boundaries only changed when expected; that is when the listed geometrical width is different from the original one.
The largest boundary shift in terms of photon energy is 13 MeV (for 12 GeV endpoint energy);
5 of the 25 updated boundaries changed by around this much. The rest of the boundaries changed by 3 to 6 MeV.

Best regards,

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