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Fri Dec 16 10:55:01 EST 2016

 - by davidl on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 10:50.

Issue fixed - This looks to be the result of a new COOL configuration being saved a little before 21:00 last night (Dec. 15th). The new configuration uses EMU sockets to transfer data to the SEB whereas previously it used ET. The wrapper script "run_hdBOR" extracts the ET system connection info from the COOL configuration since it needs it to inject the BOR record to the data stream. One of the options it has is to inject to at the SEB stage or the ER stage. We always use the ER stage, but it still tries getting the configuration information for both stages. Since the SEB stage doesn't have this, a "None" value was returned (python equivalent to NULL) and the script crashed when it tried to access it. I just committed a fix that should take care of this starting with run 21956, but we won't know for sure until that run is started.


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I started looking at data beginning with run 21940, and haven't been able to find BOR records for the f250's or f125's.

I can hack around this for the studies I'd like to do with this long mode data run, but it should be fixed when there's time to.


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