[Halld-offline] fADC250 update

Sean Dobbs s-dobbs at northwestern.edu
Sat Nov 19 22:44:42 EST 2016

Hi Offliners,

My latest sim-recon pull request gives a version of the fADC250 emulation
that yields only a handful of errors errors when processing cosmic data
run 21543 (error rate <10^-7, a couple rare edge cases are not handled
yet).  This gives us a better handle on the algorithm being used.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at the new data is that several
different error conditions are explicitly set in the new data format and
are propagated to the Df250PulseData objects.  Currently, when creating
calibrated hit objects, pulses with any of these errors are thrown out.
I've started putting together some utility functions in TTabUtilities to
help with this error checking - let me know if anyone wants help in
changing this behavior.

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