[Halld-offline] Reconstruction Launch: 2016-02 ver03

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Mon Nov 21 17:21:29 EST 2016

Dear Collaborators,

The latest full reconstruction launch over this year’s production data 
(2016-02 ver03) finished today. The net processing time was 16 days, 
which translates from 850 kCPUhours (nearly 100 years). Only 16 out of 
more than 20k jobs could not be processed successfully.

All REST files (20,082 files, 47TB) are pinned to the cache disk for the 
next 60 days at:

The histograms and efficiency trees can be found here:

A subfolder with merged histograms and trees is included in each folder, 
but the merging is not completed yet.

General information about the launch, links to more details, can be 
found here:

I will update the list of crashed files and the reason for them tomorrow.

The log files are saved here:

Due to their size (>3TB), the event-store files are moved to:

The results are also beginning to appear on the usual monitoring web-pages:

Best regards,

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