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Thu Feb 23 00:40:01 EST 2017

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At the run meeting today (yesterday?) it was brought up that the EPICS timing may not be very precise and that using the scaler information from sync events in the data stream might be a more reliable way of identifying trip regions. It turns out that sync events are inserted after some number of event blocks have been read out and not at fixed time intervals.  Below is a plot of the time between sync events for 2 runs, 30686 taken with 100nA and 30402 taken with 150nA. For the production data taken so far at 100nA, the sync events will represent scaler readings taken at roughly 6.5s intervals. If we move to 150nA, this will be closer to 4.5s intervals with the current settings. If we want to have scalers in the data stream roughly 1Hz for 150nA running, we will need to read them out at least 4 times as often.


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