[Halld-offline] JANA 0.7.9 released

David Lawrence davidl at jlab.org
Wed Jul 5 13:50:57 EDT 2017

Hi All,

  I have just posted a new JANA version 0.7.9 to the standard place:

https://www.jlab.org/JANA/downloads.php <https://www.jlab.org/JANA/downloads.php>


svn co https://phys12svn.jlab.org/repos/tags/jana_0.7.9 <https://phys12svn.jlab.org/repos/tags/jana_0.7.9>

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version as changes will be going into sim-recon
over the next few weeks that will require 0.7.9. Upgrading earlier should help make the 
transition smoother.

The change log of the last few versions is below.


Changes in version 0.7.9
- Switch all private members of JApplication to protected to allow access
  from DApplication (specifically locks as requested by Hovanes E.)
- Added JEventLoop::GetCalib() for getting a single number from CalibDB
- Added JObject::Clone method using code provided by Hovanes E.
- Added call to ClearFactories() when JEventLoop::Loop() is ending to allow
  Paul M.'s TLS pools to work properly (see 7/4/2017 e-mail)

Changes in version 0.7.8p1
- Print comment from JCalibration when present.
- Extend JEventSource API to include methods to allow random access support

Changes in version 0.7.8
- Implement support of XML geometry in calib DB
- Fix and improve janaview call graph feature. Also fixed bug that caused
  occasional crash during janaview start up.

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