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Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Thu Jul 6 16:04:53 EDT 2017


This is what I am contemplating: old versions are in version_2.12.xml, 
new version are in version_2.13.xml:

diff version_2.12.xml version_2.13.xml

< <package name="sim-recon" version="2.15.0"/>
 > <package name="sim-recon" version="2.16.0"/>

< <package name="root" version="6.08.00"/>
< <package name="ccdb" version="1.06.03"/>
 > <package name="root" version="6.10.02"/>
 > <package name="ccdb" version="1.06.04"/>

< <package name="hdgeant4" version="1.2.0"/>
 > <package name="hdgeant4" version="1.3.0"/>

< <package name="gluex_root_analysis" version="0.1"/>
 > <package name="gluex_root_analysis" version="0.2"/>

All of the new tags are from yesterday or today with the exception of 
ROOT. I know of no reason not to update ROOT, but if others do, please 
let me know.

The only thing that is actually built right now is the new CCDB from 

   -- Mark

On 07/06/2017 03:56 PM, Richard Jones wrote:
> Mark,
> I submitted some bug fixes today to both hdgeant and hdgeant4. You 
> captured the fixes to hdgeant4 in your new tag from a minute ago. As 
> soon as you have captured the hdgeant fixes, can you create a new 
> version.xml for the updates? Taken together, these updates fix some 
> bugs that were present in the way beam bg was being generated in 
> hdgeant and hdgeant4 (different bugs, but neither one was accurate). 
> David pointed this out when he saw that bg was taking a lot of time to 
> generate using either sim, esp. hdgeant4. Any osg production testing 
> we do should be done with these updates included. It should also 
> include the recent improvements to jana and ccdb. As soon as you have 
> a version.xml that captures all of that, let me know and I will update 
> the images on cvmfs.
> -Richard Jones

Mark Ito, marki at jlab.org, (757)269-5295

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