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Richard Jones richard.t.jones at uconn.edu
Thu Jul 6 15:56:36 EDT 2017


I submitted some bug fixes today to both hdgeant and hdgeant4. You captured
the fixes to hdgeant4 in your new tag from a minute ago. As soon as you
have captured the hdgeant fixes, can you create a new version.xml for the
updates? Taken together, these updates fix some bugs that were present in
the way beam bg was being generated in hdgeant and hdgeant4 (different
bugs, but neither one was accurate). David pointed this out when he saw
that bg was taking a lot of time to generate using either sim, esp.
hdgeant4. Any osg production testing we do should be done with these
updates included. It should also include the recent improvements to jana
and ccdb. As soon as you have a version.xml that captures all of that, let
me know and I will update the images on cvmfs.

-Richard Jones
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