[Halld-offline] HDGeant4 in default environment at JLab

Mark Ito marki at jlab.org
Wed Mar 8 21:19:37 EST 2017


I've just changed the default JLab-specific version XML link,


to point to version_2.0.xml (in the same directory). This makes the 
default JLab environment set-up (see below) include Geant4 and HDGeant4, 
i. e., "hdgeant4" will be in the path.

Default JLab environment set-up? Why that is

   source /group/halld/Software/build_scripts/gluex_env_jlab.csh

for tcsh and

   source /group/halld/Software/build_scripts/gluex_env_jlab.sh

for bash.

This should work on RHEL6, RHEL7, CentOS6, and CentOS7 (including on the 
gluon cluster).

One note for the cognoscenti: the standard location of build_scripts 
(/group/halld/Software/build_scripts) now has the "hdgeant4" branch 
checked-out. This is necessary to support HDGeant4. Since there were a 
significant number of changes needed to get this to work, I've kept said 
changes on a branch for easy fall back to the old configuration (i. e., 
the master branch). All of this to say that if you see problems, let me 

   -- Mark

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