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To access the full version of the JLab Weekly Briefs, visit: 

May 10 Briefs Excerpts:

*IT Maintenance Period Set for Tuesday, May 16, 5-10 p.m.*
There will be an IT maintenance period on this upcoming Tuesday, May 16. 
During maintenance, the MIS systems will be offline while patches are 
applied and systems rebooted. All MIS applications will be back up and 
working by 10 p.m. Symantec Antivirus software and the power management 
software (Verdiem/Surveyor) will be upgraded to the latest version for 
Windows. In addition, Core Common User Environment software, such as 
Firefox and Thunderbird, will be updated to the latest version. Linux 
and Windows patches will also be released to all desktops and servers. 
Server systems will reboot overnight, which may cause short outages to 
central services. Plan on rebooting your Linux or Windows desktop no 
later than Friday, May 19, to finalize patch installation. If you have 
any questions or concerns about this outage, contact the IT Division 
Helpdesk at helpdesk at jlab.org or x7155.

*May 17 Run-A-Round: Parking Lot Closures and Runner Registration Deadline*
The 32nd Annual Jefferson Lab Run-A-Round will be held 3-6 p.m. on 
Wednesday, May 17. On that day, for those who need to leave the lab 
between 3-4 p.m., the parking lots of the EEL Bldg (Bldg. 90), Test Lab 
(Bldg. 58) and TED (Bldg. 55) and the accelerator site will be the only 
lots accessible during the race. If you need to leave early, park in one 
of these lots and depart the lab via Rattley Road to Hogan Drive. 
Parking for the event will be in the main CEBAF Center lot – adjacent to 
Hadron Drive. Parking for the Run-A-Round isn’t permitted on Hadron 
Drive or Rattley Road or in the Residence Facility parking lot. 
Reminder: reward-eligible runner registration closes at 5 p.m. on May 
15, and volunteers are still needed for the event. See the full memo for 
additional information and 
links: https://www.jlab.org/memo/may-17-run-round-reminders

*Jefferson Lab in the News: On Hunt for Subatomic Glue*
The first published result from the Gluonic Excitations Experiment has 
garnered coverage in the Daily Press. Click the link to the see the full 
article: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.dailypress.com_news_science_dp-2Dnws-2Djlab-2Dgluex-2Dexperiment-2D20170509-2Dstory.html&d=DwIDaQ&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=oyKV5joTkJsuRYv6hh48IMTw3i-IrYD-ZUAHHU0DdAY&m=23KCQ8Lm_LgSBFKJS81sCQBbG_nbYYiC3ainqYRS_qY&s=mw6r8nFze1B904aCBBFXHZbpIZAqZIJd5lF5EGwBkMo&e= 

*Rhyme Time: Jefferson Lab’s Best Silly Verse Will Be Featured on Social 
Media Friday*
Jefferson Lab is celebrating National Limerick Day on May 12 by 
publishing limericks relating to our science and technologies or life at 
the lab. The top limericks submitted by the lab community will be 
unveiled on Jefferson Lab’s social media accounts. Check them out on:
Facebook: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_JeffersonLab_&d=DwIDaQ&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=oyKV5joTkJsuRYv6hh48IMTw3i-IrYD-ZUAHHU0DdAY&m=23KCQ8Lm_LgSBFKJS81sCQBbG_nbYYiC3ainqYRS_qY&s=WfPoDV12gyDkWDOfwtsRJvh5EnMW2xMCHOOVkLxOsBU&e= 
G+: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__plus.google.com_u_0_b_118333208348038617955_-2BJeffersonLab&d=DwIDaQ&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=oyKV5joTkJsuRYv6hh48IMTw3i-IrYD-ZUAHHU0DdAY&m=23KCQ8Lm_LgSBFKJS81sCQBbG_nbYYiC3ainqYRS_qY&s=Bbgw8gZSndUI2igaUqwGuQ2fDzX9CHyFpVVx2l-Hdt8&e= 
Twitter: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__twitter.com_JLab-5FNews&d=DwIDaQ&c=lz9TcOasaINaaC3U7FbMev2lsutwpI4--09aP8Lu18s&r=oyKV5joTkJsuRYv6hh48IMTw3i-IrYD-ZUAHHU0DdAY&m=23KCQ8Lm_LgSBFKJS81sCQBbG_nbYYiC3ainqYRS_qY&s=Ts2T89-QOSGum_IZcxM0V1qXyS1z3LmPWscKgk-JPmw&e= 

*Come See Jefferson Lab's IPAC Posters!*
On Thursday and Friday of this week, the posters that will be presented 
at the International Particle Accelerator Conference that will be held 
in Copenhagen in mid-May will be displayed in the CEBAF Center atrium. A 
full poster session will be held on Friday, noon-1 p.m. Come by and see 
the exciting topics that will be discussed at IPAC '17. If you have any 
questions or concerns about this event, contact Hari Areti at 
areti at jlab.org.

To access the full version of the JLab Weekly Briefs, visit: 
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