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Subject: 	v1.10 MCwrapper
Date: 	Wed, 22 Nov 2017 12:00:40 -0800 (PST)
From: 	Thomas Britton <tjbritto09 at gmail.com>
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Besides the many bug fixes comes a fairly large update in how batch jobs 
are handled (now with less chance to DDOS the rcdb servers). It is still 
recommended that you run batch with sqlite. To aid in this, SQLITEPATH 
has been split and relabled to ccdbSQLITEPATH and rcdbSQLITEPATH to 
handle both sqlite objects. The ordering of operations within MakeMC has 
been changed to better utilize SQLite as well as to utilize the newest 

BGRate_calc: Now when using either the BeamPhotons or TagOnly 
backgrounds MCwrapper will invoke BGRate_calc, a new executable that 
will calculate BGRate based on the parameters of the Simulation. This 
means that when running over a run range with one of these background 
types each run will get the "proper" BGRate without all the hassle of 
dealing with each run explicitly. This can still be overwritten via the 
colon option in MC.config.

additionally bggen_jpsi and gen_ee have been added with the disclaimer 
that gen_ee appears to be broken. When this is patched generator side it 
should begin functioning nominally in MCwrapper without intervention on 
the wrapper's behalf

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