[Halld-offline] hdpm 0.8.0

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Wed Aug 22 15:59:08 EDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

hdpm 0.8.0 has been released.


For help with updating, see 
https://github.com/JeffersonLab/hdpm/wiki/Usage or try "hdpm selfupdate".

This release:
1. matches  https://halldweb.jlab.org/dist/version_3.0.xml and therefore 
includes the following updated packages:
- Jana 0.7.9.p1
- halld_sim
- halld_recon
- gluex_MCwrapper

2. was tested on CentOS7/RHEL7 and Ubuntu16, but not on CentOS6/RHEL6 or 

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

- Alex

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