[Halld-offline] MCwrapper v2.0.2 released

Thomas Britton tbritton at jlab.org
Wed Oct 3 13:45:49 EDT 2018


Besides some bug fixes this release enhances the back end and introduces two new features:

1) buildscripts integration.  Now users may select version sets as part of the submit form.  This means individual projects should be able to be run exactly as is.  For those at jlab you may now pass a .xml file to MCwrapper via the ENVIROMENT_FILE parameter in MC.config

2)All of the ground work has been completed for the release of Justin's beam properties class.  This includes an update to the example generator configuration files.

Additionally the "MCwrapper bot" is about to leave alpha.  Soon requests made via the SubmitSim form will be automatically tested and run without human intervention.

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