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Find the minutes below and at this link 

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    Minutes of the GlueX Offline Software Meeting, October 2, 2018


  * *FSU: * Sean Dobbs
  * *IU: * Ahmed Foda
  * *JLab: * Alex Austregesilo, Thomas Britton, Stuart Fegan, Mark Ito
    (chair), Naomi Jarvis, David Lawrence, Beni Zihlmann

There is a recording of this meeting <https://bluejeans.com/s/izG9i/> on 
the BlueJeans site. Use your JLab credentials to access it.


        Work Packages

We went over the Work Packages 
presented at last week's collaboration meeting in Sean's Reorganization 
of Working Groups Discussion 
talk. There was a lot of discussion. Some random notes:

  * *Produce a version of HDGeant4 which works as a drop-in replacement
    for HDGeant*. The HDGeant4 item already has a mechanism in place to
    prosecute the work.
  * *Update and generalize tree_to_amptools*. This item originally came
    from Alex.
  * *Create user-friendly set of amplitude analysis scripts*. Alex has
    started work on this one.
  * *Implement converter from generic output format (HepMC?) into HDDM*.
    This one originated from Marie Boer. She was trying to convert
    output from her event generator into a from that could be used by
  * *Refactor gen_amp amplitude definitions to provide general common
    amplitude definitions for 1 and 2 meson production*. There was some
    doubt about whether this is practical to implement.
  * *Tune generic MC to better describe data*. This includes addressing
    the invariant mass distribution generated by bggen for several of
    the possible final states.
  * We noted that many of the items are related to streamlining use of
      o Alex will mention these at the Amplitude Analysis meeting.
  * Beni suggested that we might need a code review of the analysis
    library. There are rumors of bugs living there.
  * Mark pointed out that the reconstruction code could stand a review
    as well.
  * Thomas has started working with Simon on tracking.
  * Sean suggested someone be in charge of revising the list. He and
    Mark volunteered.
  * Alex pointed out that students will solve many of these problems,
    but the solutions will disappear after they move on. Mark remarked
    that those solutions are often not in a form that can be used as a
    general tool.
  * Thomas thought that the work should be organized in small groups,
    each with a convener.
  * Beni thought that group leaders need to push these issues, otherwise
    it will be difficult to get people to work on them.

        Upcoming Hall B Farm Usage

David has assured Hall B that we will not be using the JLab batch farm 
heavily during the next few weeks and they should be able to get a lot 
of jobs through during this period.

      Review of minutes from the September 18 meeting

We went over the minutes 
from two weeks ago.


Alex reported.

  * The 60-channel analysis launch on Spring 2017 is complete.
  * A similar launch on the 2016 Golden Period is almost done.
  * Alex is collecting a new set of reactions another analysis launch to
    start soon. He will go back to the standard scheme of one input rest
    file per job.
  * He is thinking of doing a launch every two weeks or so, each with a
    newly selected list of reactions.
  * Thomas has added the output tree name to the database for easy
    reference by users.


  * David is working on the documentation for a new allocation request
    to NERSC.
  * Sean mentioned that the calibrations for another monitoring launch
    on Spring 2018 data are ready.

        Computing Review

Curtis, David, and Mark will meet Thursday to discuss plans for the 
upcoming review.

        Hardware-Needs Meeting with SciComp

There will be meeting with Chip Watson on Thursday at 4:00 pm to discuss 
future hardware needs for GlueX. Interested parties should contact David 
for the details.

        New Version of MCwrapper

Thomas reported that this will be out soon. It incorporates fully 
automatic job submission, i. e., web requests will initiate a full 
submission of jobs to the OSG.

      Review of recent pull requests

No significant comments.

      Review of recent discussion on the GlueX Software Help List

On the "events lost due to vertex fit for Lambda 
thread, Sean will have a look. He thinks that there may be a bug in the 
combo maker.

      Meeting Time

Mark proposed moving the meeting time from 2 pm to 3 pm (similarly for 
the HDGeant4 meeting) to avoid the monthly conflict with the Computing 
Round Table. No objections were raised. Look for the change to your 

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