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Tue Oct 16 11:38:56 EDT 2018

A heads up to folks interested in ROOT development from Graham Heyes.

Subsequent to this email, Bob Michaels has agreed to coordinate a 
meeting with Axel to discuss JLab/ROOT-team communication. At this point 
having a local users' group is still under discussion.

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Subject: 	Getting to the ROOT of things...
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Hi Everyone,
Amber has been chatting more with Axel Naumann (CERN) who gave the 
computing roundtable presentation on “The Future of ROOT”. He 
acknowledges that the ROOT developers have been overly LHC centric and 
have somewhat failed to reach out to the wider community, particularly 
NP. He would like to fix that and suggested that he could listen in to 
any meetings of the JLab ROOT users community. As far as I know no such 
formal (or even informal) group or meetings exists. This seems like a 
great opportunity for us to at least attempt to influence the future 
course of the ROOT developers. Can you pleas comment on whether forming 
a ROOT user’s group at the lab would be useful and, at minimum, who 
would be a natural fit or volunteer to take the lead with the discussion 
with Axel (not me since I don’t use ROOT). I notice that Bob Michaels 
currently maintains ROOT.

Any ideas or discussion gratefully accepted.

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