[Halld-offline] Analysis Launch: 2017-01 ver20

Alexander Austregesilo aaustreg at jlab.org
Tue Sep 25 11:40:44 EDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We are currently running a first big analysis launch over the new 
2017-01 ver03 REST data. Since the total volume of the trees produced by 
this launch will be in the order of 100TB, we had complications in 
temporarily saving the individual files before merging them per run and 
moving them to their final location on the cache disk. We overcame these 
problems by having the jobs directly run over a full run each, however 
on the expense of efficiently using the available computing resources.

Currently, about 65% of the runs are complete. We expect the launch to 
be done by the end of this week. In the mean time, feel free to have a 
look at the data already:


Detailed information about the launch can be found here:


Best regards,


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